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Screenshot 1 of Crash! Evade! Destroy!
The name says it all. It's a platform game that has you crash into certain things, evade other things, and shoot a third group of things. It's pretty simple, but fun.

Sounds and music taken from soundboy.de and vgmusic.com, respectively....

Released: 27 Jul 2008
Screenshot 1 of Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator
Corporal Merrick was on leave one evening and tried to hook up with some cute vampire twins. In an attempt to impress them, he allowed himself to be made into a vampire. Unfortunately his army found out and enrolled him in a secret experimental bionic implant program. Now half vampire, half robot, and more than half confused, Merrick must escape the base where he is being held or spend the rest...

Released: 30 Oct 2011
Screenshot 1 of Indiana Jones™ and the Fountain of Youth DEMO
2011: Version 1.2 available.

In this demo, you play Indiana Jones as he explores the island of Bimini - to try and un-cover something the Nazis may have missed! But does he have all the right clues, or is it too late? Find out in this 10 room playable demo!...

Released: 26 May 2006
Screenshot 1 of Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Spheres
A short game to celebrate the festive 08 season and the new year by the Fountain of Youth team. Miez created this from scratch as his first AGS project, instead of the usual flash animation.

Join Indy and Shelly as they search for a way out of their festive prison. The question is, have you got balls??

We hope you enjoy it for what it is!...

Released: 12 Jan 2009
KTX-1 by dkh
Screenshot 1 of KTX-1
You play as an agent, briefed to defuse a bomb on a high-speed train. A DAW (Digital Warfare Assistant, ie. a hacker) is assigned to you and helps you through the game....

Released: 1 Apr 2013
Screenshot 1 of PiXiA: Rainbow of Havoc
This game is 12 meg, it will made you laugh, although it might be in pitty or in the pure randomness of this game, but it was made just for fun and may very well tickle your funny bone.

You need WinRAR to unzip this game. Thank you all who were involved in this project it has been fun. :)

In addition to the credits below ''4th Guy:Voice Actor''.


Released: 31 Jul 2005
PONG by mamarulez
Screenshot 1 of PONG
Welcome to the world of absolute addiction! I created this PONG clone, but please don't expect any great graphics, because it is close to the original, meaning black and white only... I wrote this thing in 2 hours of my freetime, I thought you should know that, before playing it......

Released: 2 May 2005
Revelation by dkh
Screenshot 1 of Revelation
Entry for MAGS-contest 09/2007 'Revelation' is a stealth/action jump'n'run game. It also allows you to create your own levels easily!...

Released: 24 Sep 2007
The Art of Dying by DoorKnobHandle
Screenshot 1 of The Art of Dying
The Art of Dying is a really challenging platformer I've made in AGS. It features two difficulty levels (really hard and unbelievably really f*cking hard), a six level campaign and a full-featured level editor.

You can make your own levels, then share them and find others to download and try to beat yourself on the official level sharing platform: http://dkh.agser.me/die. Gamepads and other...

Released: 18 Dec 2013
The Bum by Gribbler & Parafia
Screenshot 1 of The Bum
The game tells a story of a homeless man who communicates with the world using an old sock on his right hand. He's a huge football fan and plays it a lot near his backalley. One day he gets mugged by a wandering bully and looses his precious ball in the process. Now he must pull himself together, team up with a local superhero, find a new ball and confront his oppressor again. Available in Engl...

Released: 25 Apr 2013
Zombie Attack (BAKE SALE) by ShiverMeSideways
Screenshot 1 of Zombie Attack (BAKE SALE)
Zombie Attack is a top-down shoot 'em up inspired by '90s video games like Doom. The player must navigate 6 fully-randomized levels across 3 episodes to defeat Satan and stop him from taking over Earth! Zombie Attack relies on meta-content, so through more and more game sessions, the player will unlock new items, new difficulties, as well as new characters and achievements! The game also featur...

Released: 8 Jan 2012

Page 1 of 1 (11 results)

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