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Abduction by mode7
Screenshot 1 of Abduction
You take the role of a Hijacker who only has one goal: Abducting the Princess! It's a Game about human desires, about fame and fortune, about love and hate and ultimately about life and death itself. I made this game for MAGS September 2010. It's what I would call an Arcade Adventure. It controls like an arcade platformer, it plays like an adventure game. Features: - Keyboard or Gamepa...

Released: 1 Oct 2010
Screenshot 1 of Concurrence (MAGS)
Concurrence is a so called cinematic platform game. Unlike other platform games you will know (like �Super Mario Bros.� or �Sonic the Hedgehog�), this game focuses on realisitic movements, puzzles and a dense atmosphere. If you have played games like �Prince of Persia�, �Another World� or �Flashback� you will know what awaits you. Many of parts of...

Released: 7 May 2011
Screenshot 1 of Dacey in the Dark - Prelude
It's a game about fate. This chapter deals with the melancholy we cherish towards times long gone. I'm planing to release more chapters. THIS GAME IS THE WINNER OF MAGS NOVEMBER 2010 (even though it was the only entry - still you should play it!) PLOT: After a fight with her father Dacey takes a walk in the garden, where she meets a most unlikely companion FEATURES: - Simple keyboard co...

Released: 9 Dec 2010

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