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Screenshot 1 of Alien Cow Rampage: Orion Needs Your Milk!
In an original boardgame that could be described as the jumpsuit-clad cousin of Chainsaw Warrior and Munchkin, you're an alien on the run. Within 12 hours you need to make it through a mazy suburbs, abduct cows from heavily guarded pastures, and brave an Earthling military base in order to catch a ride on your mothership.

There is little time. There are many dangers. But you CAN make it, an...

Released: 7 Jul 2014
Screenshot 1 of Anna's Quest Vol. 1: Winfriede's Tower
Anna's Quest is a fable-driven, black comedy 'point and click' adventure game that's inspired by The Brothers Grimm & Hans Christian Andersen... with a sci-fi twist!

The story follows Anna, a young girl who, in the search of a cure for her ailing Grandpa, has been captured and kept under lock and key in a tower deep in the dark wood by an evil old witch. The witch has plans - pl...

Released: 4 Nov 2012
Screenshot 1 of Big Blue World Domination [MAGS]
Take on the near-impossible task of conquering the world! NOTICE: Some testers might not be correctly credited, if you feel you should be credited, please contact me ASAP thorugh wham@whamgames.com!...

Released: 4 Mar 2012
Screenshot 1 of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots
An epic comedy science fiction adventure awaits!

A seemingly harmless delivery ends up putting the entire galaxy at risk - can the gormless Captain save us all?

The fate of the galaxy couldn't be in worse hands!...

Released: 29 Dec 2017
Screenshot 1 of Cold Hand Reef, The [MAGS]
A young girl and her father, struggling to make ends meet, are forced to seek their fortune amidst the treacherous rocks of the infamous Cold Hand Reef. But there is more to the reef than just mere rocks, and something evil awaits in the darkness. I set myself an additional challenge of making a game that would never need a translator, and could work with players of all languages. As such the...

Released: 2 Sep 2015
Screenshot 1 of GNRBLEX (Final Version)
Take on the challenge and preserve both the species, and humanity's fragile sense of self-worth, in this retro-inspired point and click adventure game.

- Traditional point'n'click game-play
- Retro-inspired visuals and art
- New, original soundtrack by http://jothmusic.com/
- Full voice acting by four talented voice actors
- A dark sense of humour

Released: 26 Jul 2019
Screenshot 1 of GNRBLEX (MAGS version)
Can YOU stop the extinction of Gnrblexian mind-maggot? Game created for MAGS July 2016. (4th Aug 2016 // update released)...

Released: 19 Jul 2016
Screenshot 1 of He Watches (DEMO)
The year is 2008 and the player takes the role of Sarah MacDonald, a young woman born in London, now living with her parents in the Scottish countryside, working hard to finish her education. Almost a week ago, Sarah's boyfriend; Oliver, went missing without a word. Knowing the young man's interest in going on long trips in abandoned places without warning, nobody worries at first. However, a week...

Released: 10 Sep 2011
Screenshot 1 of Infection - Episode 1 - The Ship
Updated to version 1.1 on 12.5.2008! * * * * * German translation now available (Thanks Neon)! Download the full game with the translation from the link below! Infection tells the story of Michael Owen, a spaceship mechanic who wakes up to find his ship in a potential emergency. With his crewmates he must find out what is happening and correct the situation....

Released: 7 May 2008
Screenshot 1 of Infection - Episode 2 - [Demo] [REMOVED]
! DOWNLOAD UNAVAILABLE ! The long-in-the-making demo of Infection - Episode 2 - The station.

Mike awakens in a strange environment, clad in a hospital robe and surrounded by none but the dead. What madness has gripped the people here, to cause such mayhem?

It's time to find out...

Minor bugs (mostly misplaced or missing text) squashed and new version uploaded on 10.01...

Released: 8 Jan 2010
Screenshot 1 of Of the Essence [MAGS]
An entry for the MAGS April 2011 Time is of the essence, as you must make your way through numerous hazards to escape impending doom....

Released: 4 May 2011
One More Fathom by WHAM
Screenshot 1 of One More Fathom
Treasure awaits below the waves, deep in the Graveyard Chasm. Dare you dive deep enough to find the most valuable treasures, and are you wily enough to return to surface before air runs out and it's too late?
One More Fathom is a push your luck game of diving for treasure and becoming filthy rich, and maybe, just maybe, also finding a little something more...

Maybe you'll even make a F...

Released: 28 Feb 2021
RAM Ghost by Ghost
Screenshot 1 of RAM Ghost
Originally made and sold as part of the AGS Bake Sale in 2012, RAM Ghost is now re-released in its original form as freeware! Adopt a RAM Ghost! With our self-installing Hopelessly Oldfashioned, User-Supported Environment (H.O.U.S.E.), you can lure a bit of abandoned game code into a simulated house. Just like you and me, these ghosts love fun and entertainment, and it's up to you to take care ...

Released: 23 Jan 2012
Sinking [OROW] by wham
Screenshot 1 of Sinking [OROW]
Sinking is a short minigame conceived and produced for the AGS Forum's One Room One Week -competition in 2013. The game came in second place in the programming category. In Sinking the player takes on the near-impossible task of escaping with a stolen submarine, while your pursuers attempt to sink you. Avoid obstacles, patch leaks and ensure your crew stays alive, all within a very strict ti...

Released: 18 Jul 2013
Screenshot 1 of Submerged - LaSol (MAGS)
Due to the volume of downloads and attention this little game has received, I decided to release a special edition of LaSol. The special edition can be downloaded from Mirror 1. A short one-room escape game, which won the February 2011 MAGS by a single vote! Stan Winston, a janitor working on a luxurious man-made island resort, the LaSol, is about to have his life turned upside down, quite l...

Released: 26 Feb 2011
Screenshot 1 of Technobabylon - Part 3: In Nuntius Veritas
## Full version of Technobabylon coming from Wadjet Eye games in March/April 2015 ##

It's depressing that this prison cell is both bigger and cleaner than my apartment...

Having narrowly escaped death at the hands of a bomber, agoraphobic Trance-addict Latha Sesame finds herself being questioned about the incident by the city's l...

Released: 9 Apr 2011

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