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Welcome to the AGS Wiki. This wiki will mainly serve for AGS technical support, but may also show articles relating to all things AGS.

Posting Guidelines

The AGS Wiki can be freely edited by anyone who wants to. This could lead to great things, but it could also lead to a giant mess. That's why there are a few rules that you should follow when writing for the AGS Wiki.

The Posting Guidelines are always evolving, as all AGS Wiki articles do. Make sure to check this page from time to time to make sure that there is something new that you haven't learned!

New Articles

  • No one controls the articles. AGS Wiki is meant to be open content, and therefore if you start an article about your game, your tutorial, or yourself, then anyone is free to add, edit, or move your article, unless it's considered vandalism.
  • Use proper names for new articles. If a game is called "Pleurghburg: Dark Ages", then start the article "Pleurghburg: Dark Ages". Make sure that the titles are also properly capitalized when needed. "Lgm" is not the same as "LGM".
  • Select a category for the article. There are many categories to choose from, and you should select one for each article that is created. If it's a completely new subject, then start a new category!
  • Make it a stub. If you don't have enough information on the first time you create the article, add the stub template.
  • Mark the name of the article on the first sentences. For example, if you include the double braces [[ ]] around AGS wiki: About, then it will not show as a link. It will show bold, like this: AGS wiki: About, without using the bold tags. This is useful when the text is quoted in other pages, perhaps the Main_Page, so that people can click on them and go to the article page.

Adding and Editing Paragraphs

  • Anyone is free to add or edit paragraphs. If you post on any Wiki, including the AGS Wiki, you do not own that text.
  • Research facts. For example, don't link the game to a person claiming he made it when it was actually his best friend who did.
  • All the content in the AGS Wiki should be in English. If you find some interesting information in another language, feel free to translate it. If you think your translation sucks, then put a note on the article's Discussion page, so that someone else can improve upon what you contributed.
  • Make sure that the spelling is correct. In other words, don't call Grundislav "Gurundislav" because that's how you think it's written or don't write "teh" instead of "the" because you think it's cool, unless it's for comedic purposes. You might also want to look at the grammar, though other editors might edit your paragraphs to make it look better.
  • Link everything! Whenever you mention something the first time, like AGS or m0ds, or Category: AGS games, then just put the double braces [[ ]] around them. Even link stuff that doesn't have an article yet, because soon there might be one created, and the text you added/modified does not have to be edited to accommodate that change.
  • For general terms, use English Wikipedia. For example, the Lens Flare page includes an a reference to the more detailed explanation on lens flare available on Wikipedia. Mittens includes references to countries and states, all having available articles on Wikipedia. There is an easy way to do this because there is a Wikipedia template available.
  • You can be humourous if the content is appropiate for it. AGS people pages and other terms like Lens Flare can have a humorus tone to it. See Onion Rings for a good example.