AGS Awards 2008

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AGS Awards Results
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For games released in the year


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The awards are organised by bicilotti, with CJ providing the in-forum advertising, nomination and voting pages and Jake assistance for the IRC ceremony.


Overall awards

  • Best Game Created with AGS
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Original Story
  • Best Dialogue Writing
  • Best Puzzles

Category awards

  • Best Short Game
  • Best Demo
  • Best Non-Adventure Game Created with AGS

Character awards

  • Best Player Character
  • Best Non-Player Character

Graphics awards

  • Best Background Art
  • Best Character Art
  • Best Animation

Sound awards

  • Best Sound Effects
  • Best Music
  • Best Voice Work

Technical awards

  • Best Programming in an Adventure
  • Best Programming in a Non-Adventure
  • Best Tutorial or Documentation

Commitee decided

  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Best Innovation