AGS Awards 2009

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AGS Awards Results
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For games released in the year


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The awards are organised by bicilotti, with CJ providing the in-forum advertising, nomination and voting pages and Jake assistance for the IRC ceremony.


Overall awards

  1. Best Game Created with AGS
  2. Best Gameplay
  3. Best Original Story
  4. Best Dialogue Writing
  5. Best Puzzles

Category awards

  1. Best Short Game
  2. Best Demo
  3. Best Non-Adventure Game Created with AGS

Character awards

  1. Best Player Character
  2. Best Non-Player Character

Graphics awards

  1. Best Background Art
  2. Best Character Art
  3. Best Animation

Sound awards

  1. Best Sound Effects
  2. Best Music
  3. Best Voice Work

Technical awards

  1. Best Programming in an Adventure
  2. Best Programming in a Non-Adventure
  3. Best Tutorial or Documentation

Commitee decided

  1. Lifetime Achievement
  2. Best Innovation