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Straight to the point : how to connect?



The AGS community has had an IRC channel for general chat in one form or another for around 5 years. The latest incarnation is #AGS on AGS-IRC, a network owned and operated solely by certain AGS community members. One much-loved resident of #AGS is Roger, an IRC bot who loves to tell people messages, absorb and deal out factoids and play acro.

A channel also exists for AGS technical matters, aptly named #AGSTech, again on AGS-IRC. The procedure on #AGSTech is to call the names, one-by-one, of those who are opped or voiced (@ or + before their name) until one replies who will help you with your technical AGS problem.


The first #AGS was created around 12 years ago by Jeroen "def" Dekker, on QuakeNet. He chose QuakeNet, a network mostly associated with FPS gaming, rather than another more general chat network, because he already frequented several channels on the network.

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Throughout its history, #AGS and its associated channels have had a number of bots. Most notable and long-running of these is Roger, although for a few years there was another bot named BlueCup running alongside him. These bots provide a number of useful (and more trivial) functions, including:

  • Google searches
  • Message forwarding
  • Acro
  • Factoids

By now, Roger contains thousands of factoids. These are small pieces of information that get repeated when a certain trigger word is typed, such as:

<@AGA> Roger AGA
<@Roger> aga is Jesus' daddy

These help to imbue Roger with a sense of identity, with his seeming to "recognise" so many words and people.


The AGS Quotefile is a collection of quotes from #AGS, that can be added to by any registered member of the AGS forums.