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21. Mills J Ross (by m0ds) "What makes a point & click adventure?"
==See also==
==See also==

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A project that lets people make songs about AGS. The project was probably initiated by Goldmund and Helm, and was maintained on the Screen 7 server by m0ds (who also contributed many of the songs). The AGS Opera is not competitive, and all contributions are welcome.

It tailed off after a while but has the occasional revival, and any new contributions will be much appreciated by the community!

Current known Opera songs (in date order):

01. Ass In The Snow (by Goldmund) "Ooohh, my warrior! My warrior of liiight!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/ass_in_the_snow.wma

02. Andy Penis (by m0ds) "Andy Penis, Andy Penis, Andy Penis, An Andy Penis!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/andy.mp3

03. AGS Overture (by m0ds) "Said Ad-ven-ture Game Studio!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/ags.mp3

04. Helm (by m0ds) "If you've got a comment you wish to make, don't cross Helm for yo own damn sake!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/helm.mp3

05. Squalman (by m0ds) "I'm Squalman, I aers Squalman!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/squalman.mp3

06. Dr Ubermann (by m0ds) "Use! Use! Use! Use your imagination!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/fate.mp3

07. M.O.D (by Helm) "A composer on the net, he's a known chick magnet" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/M.O.D.mp3

08. Gee You I (by m0ds) "What's that thing at the bottom of the screen, what does push, pull & interact mean?" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/GUI.mp3

09. Andy & Roomedit (by Helm) "It's a cursor, and it's not edible!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/andy_and_roomedit.mp3

10. I Am A Newbie* (by Andail) "Solve my problems please, I beg, my game is now 200 meg..." http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/ags_newb.mp3

11. C_Leksutin (by m0ds) "There is no escape from Courtland, he will kill you when you're sleeping!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/c_lex.mp3

12. Exception Error (by m0ds) "But every time I run my game the same thing happens again & again..." http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/error.mp3

13. Win Roomedit, please? (by m0ds) "Roomedit in Windows would rock..." http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/winroomedit.mp3

14. AGS Questions (by Grundislav) "How do I change the cursor, how do I make it an eye?" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/agsquestions.mp3

15. Andy Penis on the Piano (by Ghormak) "Instead, I'm gonna play Sonata number 57!111" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/andypiano.mp3

16. Grundislav's Theme (by Grundislav) "G, R, U, N, D!" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/grundtheme.mp3

17. AGS Overture (Andail's version) http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/overture.mp3

18. AGA (by Grundislav) http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/agasong.mp3

19. LGM (by m0ds, featuring the voices of AGS members) http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/LGM_song.mp3

20. My Game's Not Ready (by m0ds) http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/not_ready.mp3

21. Mills J Ross (by m0ds) "What makes a point & click adventure?" http://www.screen7.co.uk/ags/opera/mills.mp3

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