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Aside from all the great ideas and scripts I've found after browsing through the whole beginners and technical forum, I noticed the small things either not in the manual or easy to miss.

I have sorted through my notes and thought I'd post what I've found, maybe some of you will find this useful at one point or another.

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CJ: There's no hard limit, but a sprite cannot be taller than the screen resolution.

CJ: If you put a room file called "_blank.crm" in your game folder, it will be used as the template for new rooms. [1]

CJ: Adding a blank dialog option will make it unclickable. [2]

So you can use that as default dialog option that gets run when all others have been turned off.

CJ: Most of the data (i.e. rooms and sprites) is only loaded when needed. [3]

bonordberg: AGS only allows 35 or so characters and objects on the screen at the same time. [4]

AGS v2.62 increased the limit to 50.

CJ: You could double-click the "Edit this .AGSGame" file to open the game in the editor.
You can create this association manually if you like, just set up .AGSGame files so that their association is: [5]

c:\path\to\ags\agsedit.exe -shelllaunch "%1"

CJ: You cannot load a game saved at a different resolution.

So start playing your low-res game in hi-res if you intend to switch to bigger-sized windowed mode later.

CJ: The AGS editor can only automatically use 16-colour icons. ([