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There are many acronyms in the adventure genre. This page is provided as a short list and guide for beginners. If a Wiki page is available, then this page will link to that. If not, a definition is provided for entries that are not self explanitory.

AGS Community

AGS - Adventure Game Studio.
ATC - AGS Team Challenge: In this competition, groups of five people attempt to make a game. Each team has a story writer, a background artist a sprite artist, a musician and a programmer. The goal of this activity is not to create the best game, but merely to complete a game within a certain time frame.
BFAQ - Beginner's Frequently Asked Questions
MAGS - Monthly AGS competition.
OROW - One Room One Week competition.

Using the AGS Editor

GUI - Graphical User Interface

AGS Games

5DAS - 5 Days a Stranger: First in the Chzo Mythos series by Yahtzee.
6DA - 6 Day Assassin: A short but popular game by MrColossal. It is not related to the similarly named games of the Chzo Mythos.
6DAS - 6 Days a Sacrifice: Fourth in the Chzo Mythos series by Yahtzee.
7DAS - 7 Days a Skeptic: Second in the Chzo Mythos series by Yahtzee.
ATOTK - A Tale of Two Kingdoms: A full length game by Crystal Shard Entertainment that boasts multiple solutions and endings.
BJ - Ben Jordan: Popular series by Grundislav.
FOY - Fountain of Youth: A highly anticipated Indiana Jones fangame by m0ds, but only a demo has been released. However, it is of such high quality that it was picked as Pick of the Month June '08.
P:DA - Pleurghburg: Dark Ages: One of first full-length games from AGS.
RON - Reality-on-the-Norm: A community made series of games centering around the town of the same name.

Commercial Games

BASS - Beneath A Steel Sky
BS - Broken Sword
CMI - Curse of Monkey Island
DOTT - Day of the Tentacle
FOA - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
FT - Full Throttle
GF - Grim Fandango
GK - Gabriel Knight
KQ - King's Quest
MI - Monkey Island
PQ - Police Quest
QFG - Quest for Glory
SCUMM - Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion: Not a game, but the scripting language for most of the LucasArts games.
SQ - Space Quest