Awakening of the Sphinx walkthrough

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There's quite a lot of incidental stuff you can play around with, but to just go and do the DEMO, here's what you need to do:

Go to the pyramids, go inside the middle (Khafre) pyramid and you will see it is dark. Exit the pyramid, and go back to the Sphinx. Click on the tent in the foreground, Maya will come out.

Talk to Maya about the Army (last icon), then the Hittites, then the Shield, Maya will take the shield to the Pyramid to reflect light.

Go back to the middle pyramid. Talk to Maya. Talk about the shield. Ask him to point it over to the right. Then ask him about gold.

Pick up the gold and place it in the crack in the floor at the bottom on the right. Keep doing this until the secret door opens on the right. Go through the door.

The hexagonal pieces each trigger the columns to do different things. Each hex tile will always have the same effect. The effect may be to toggle some columns, make them go up, make them go down or a combination of these. You can work it out on paper, or you can just wander around and get lucky until you can cross the four columns to the next room (that's what I usually do).

Once in the secret room, DONT take the statue, but read the inscription on the wall. DEMO is finished.