Beauties and Beasts

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Beauties and Beasts is a short AGS adventure game made by MashPotato for OROW 2008 competition.


A woman gets stuck in a rainy night while she was walking outside. She finds a door and goes in for shelter, and while in she finds that she was inside a beauty pageant. The organizer mistakes her for a last minute contestant and mentions that the prize is a car.

Upon hearing this the woman decides to join the pageant; but she must a dress, make-up and shoes to enter. The woman decides to steal these things for the other contestants, while removing every competition on the way.

Awards and nominations

The game received one nomination and won on the category of short games.

AGS Awards for Beauties and Beasts
Murder In a Wheel Best Short Game

in the year 2008

Succeeded by

Shifter's Box - Outside In