Ben Jordan: Le Chateau Macabre

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Ben Jordan: Le Chateau Macabre is a fan-film based on the popular AGS game series by Francisco "Grundislav" Gonzalez. It was filmed during Mittens in France 2008, and features over twenty people from the AGS community playing roles of French people, murder victims & comedy side-kicks. The film was directed & edited by Mark "m0ds" Lovegrove.

The film was well recieved by fans and has since become bigphat films 2nd most popular production on YouTube.


The film was shot using one camcorder over the course of 6 days. The storyline was devised in note-form by m0ds and Creed Malay. Most people had no idea what kind of character they would be playing until the time to shoot their scene arrived. Much of the dialogue was made up on the spot. Miez spent several days constructing the Chateau model.


Whilst on vacation in France, Ben meets a distressed man from England who has seen some kind of ghost at the local Chateau he and other friends are staying at. Ben is happy to help out & begins to investigate the dissapearence of the Chateau's porter, Claude.

But as his investigation unfolds, it becomes clear there are supernatural forces at work. Ben has his suspicions but are they right? And are the other guests in the hotel there to help him or hinder him?


Ben Jordan is played by the games' creator Francisco "Grundislav" Gonzalez. Ben is is a paranormal investigator.

Jean-Pierre is played by Ryan "Layabout" Keepence. Jean-Pierre is the current owner of the Chateau.

Bob is played by Davy "Creed Malay" Malay. Bob is a kind-hearted chap who tries to help Ben solve the case.

Ivy is played by Erin "The Ivy" Robinson. Ivy is on vacation and just happens to dabble in the paranormal too.

The Janitor (name not revealed) is played by Justin "MillsJRoss" Mills. The janitor maintains the Chateau & becomes a suspect.


  • Some people believe the film takes place somewhere between Ben Jordan cases 7 and 8.
  • The sequel has been in production since August 2010. It stars Francisco Gonzalez as Ben and introduces a new character, Mr Hollywood - played by Snarky. The film takes place in Italy.


    Despite the short shooting schedule & the lack of a fully written script - the film does not contain many errors. Continuity is generally good throughout the film. However, a few things did slip through!

    Le Tipy Bar scene: Ben & Ivy sit alone, but whos beer is this??

    Arrival at Chateau: Bob can be seen briefly wearing a completely different hat

    Night-time party scene: It's obviously not night-time in this shot!

    Seance scene #1: Ben's notebook has mysteriously migrated from his pocket!

    Seance scene #2: Ben's notebook is now sitting next to Ivy!

    Kill it! scene: (Only visible in HQ version) Someone is naked!!


    A blooper reel was released in 2009:

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