Ben Jordan Case 1 - In Search of the Skunk-Ape

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Ben Jordan Case 1: In Search of the Skunk-Ape is the first game in the Ben Jordan series of adventure games.

Plot Synopsis

We are first introduced to Ben Jordan as he explains a bit about himself and how he decided he wanted to become a paranormal investigator. We then see him having a telephone conversation with his mother, who clearly disapproves of his career choice. Shortly after hanging up with her, Ben receives another phone call, this time from a park ranger in the Florida Everglades, who informs him that a creature known as the Skunk-Ape has been murdering people in the park. Ben agrees to take the case and soon arrives in Florida.

Upon his arrival, Ben is informed that the ranger who called him is the Skunk-Ape's latest victim. The investigation begins as Ben travels into the woods, seeks out the Skunk-Ape's lair, and ultimately learns the truth about why the Skunk-Ape is killing people.


Spoiler warning:
You may not want to read on if you have not completed the games!

Ranger Rick

Rick is a young ranger, who has a strange set of superstitions regarding nature and the balance of the forest. He accompanies Ben into the woods to search for the Skunk-Ape, but turns out to only want to find it for financial gain. Rick is ultimately killed by the Skunk-Ape.

Ranger Rick is voiced by Scummbuddy

Ranger Ernie

Ernie is the oldest ranger at Everglades National Park. He is the one who meets Ben at the start of the game, and informs him of Ranger Morales's death. He provides Ben with some information regarding the Skunk-Ape, and points him in the direction of Ranger Rick.

Ernie is voiced by Grundislav

Lloyd Daniels

Lloyd Daniels is an environmentalist, who is very passionate about his cause, even going so far as to paint his protest signs using his own blood. He flies off the handle when he sees a receptionist urinating on a tree.

Lloyd is voiced by Disco

The Receptionist

A young, red-haired boy, the receptionist enjoys his job as much as can be expected. He becomes the unwitting victim of Lloyd's verbal abuse after unwisely using a tree as a urinal.

The Receptionist is voiced by Dave Gilbert


Jed is a middle-aged man living alone in a cabin in the middle of the woods. He turns out to be the game's antagonist, as he has been using the Skunk-Ape to protect his stash of drugs. Ben manages to escape his home by throwing a pile of cocaine on him, causing the Skunk-Ape to go crazy and rip his head off.

Jed is voiced by Cameron

Unanswered Questions

As the Ben Jordan games have an overarching plot line, there are a few pieces of information relating to the big story that are presented in this game, but are not fully addressed in the course of the individual story.

Spoiler warning:
You may not want to read on if you have not completed the games!

Ben's Situation

In the introduction, as Ben begins telling the story, he mentions that he is currently unconscious in the back seat of a car belonging to someone he thought he could trust but turned out to be his worst enemy. Who this person is, and how he came to be there remains to be seen.

"We've Found Another One"

After the credits, there is a short scene which takes place in Rome. An older, well-dressed man enters the room and informs another man, this one dressed in a brown robe, that they have found another one. The man in the robe replies by saying, "Excellent." What or whom this "another one" is referring to, as well as the identities of these two men, is still a mystery.