Ben Jordan Case 2 - The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea

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Ben Jordan Case 2: The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea is the second game in the Ben Jordan series of adventure games. Currently, it holds the honor of being the game with the longest subtitle of the series.

Plot Synopsis

After returning from his first case in the Florida Everglades, Ben gets a call from a woman in California named Annie Roberts. She informs Ben that her husband George has gone missing while looking for something called theLost Galleon in the nearby Salton Sea

Ben travels to the fictional city of Dunesberg, where he proceeds to interrogate the locals about the legend of the Lost Galleon, eventually traveling to the Salton Sea in search of the Galleon and George.


Spoiler warning:
You may not want to read on if you have not completed the games!

Annie Roberts

The wife of George Roberts, and the one who calls Ben for the case. Annie lives in Dunesberg, and disapproves of her husband's treasure hunting nature. Ben finds her moderately attractive.

The Old Prospector

A very old man, claiming to be Dunesberg's oldest resident. He is the only other person in town besides George who takes the legend of the Lost Galleon seriously. He aids Ben in exchange for some home-brewed moonshine.

The Medicine Man

A mysterious old man with a striking resemblance to a certain Scottish actor who runs the local medicine shop. Though he does not believe in the legend of the Galleon, he helps Ben prepare for his trip to the Salton Sea.

George Roberts

Annie's husband, and the person Ben spends the bulk of the game searching for. Ben meets George in a jail cell in the Lost Galleon, after blacking out while diving. Together, they manage to escape their cell and trick the ghost of the ship's captain into sending them back to Dunesberg.

Series Continuity

While this game does not present any pivotal series questions, it does have some ties to the other games.

  • The Medicine Man is the brother of Ranger Ernie from Case 1. He is mentioned by Ernie in the first game, and he himself mentions his brother in this game.
  • The young man working at the overpriced coffee shop makes a reappearance in Case 5.