Ben Jordan Case 4 - Horror at Number 50

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Ben Jordan Case 4: Horror at Number 50 is the fourth game in the Ben Jordan series.

Plot Synopsis

Ben has returned to London with Percy Jones to review the Smailholm case. While there, he is visited by Randolph Miggs, owner of a rare bookshop located at Number 50, Berkeley Square. Miggs tells Ben of the ghost which has haunted the house for centuries, but has only recently made a reappearance. Ben agrees to spend some time at the house, and investigate the ghost, known as "The Horror."

Upon arrival, it soon becomes apparent that Miggs has not hired Ben to do this job alone. He meets four other paranormal investigators, with whom he works to solve the mystery of the Horror.


Spoiler warning:
You may not want to read on if you have not completed the games!

Randolph Miggs

The owner of Miggs Bros. Rare Bookshop. He hires Ben, as well as Alice Wilkins, Simon Booth, Mme. Tilly Rosenquist, and Otto Schneider to investigate the Horror.

Madame Tilly Rosenquist

An eccentric old fortune teller, she spends most of the time at Number 50 making ominous predictions and putting her hands to her head. She refers to herself as a "True Seer," but is not taken very seriously by the others. However, she is useful during a seance, in which she manages to make contact with the spirit of a sailor who died at the house. Later, she becomes possessed by the Horror, and Ben must perform an exorcism to send it back to the Dimension of Death.

Otto Schneider

A mysterious German man, Otto is very reserved and keeps to himself most of the time. He spends much of his stay at Number 50 researching the ghost and methods in which to rid the house of it. Otto reveals a tragic personal history, having lost his wife and children in a car accident.

Unanswered Questions

Spoiler warning:
You may not want to read on if you have not completed the games!

The Horror's Reappearance

It is never clearly explained what caused the Horror to reappear at Number 50.

Percy's Comment

At the end of the game, Ben and Percy have the following dialogue:

Ben: Thanks, for your hospitality and all your help, Professor Jones. I'll be in touch. (Exits)

Percy: That's right Mr. Jordan. You certainly will be.

Exactly what he means by this has yet to be seen.