Ben Jordan Case 5 - Land Of The Rising Dead

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Ben Jordan Case 5: Land of the Rising Dead is the fifth game in the Ben Jordan series. Games database link

Plot Synopsis

Ben has returned home from London, and has been plagued by nightmares in which he visits Mary Blaine's grave. One morning, he gets a call from Simon Booth, telling him about a series of murders in Osaka, Japan. The press has been calling them "The Ghost Murders" because the police have been unable to find any clues as to who is committing them.

Ben, Simon, and Alice travel to Osaka, where they begin investigating the Ghost Murders, as well as a string of mysterious deaths in a nearby village.


Spoiler warning:
You may not want to read on if you have not completed the games!

Inspector Yoshi

The lead inspector on the Ghost Murders case. Yoshi is somewhat skeptical, but he assists Ben to a great degree in his investigation. Unfortunately, Yoshi becomes a victim of the Ghost Murders when he is sent some poisoned fish by Yamamoto.

Mr. Shinobi

One of several businessmen in Osaka, Shinobi was in the same social circle as the other victims in the Ghost Murders. He seems to know that the murders are actually being committed by zombies. However, Shinobi is unable to provide too much information, as he is stabbed with a katana on Day 2.

Hiroshi Yamamoto

A prominent businessman, and owner of Yamamoto Inc. It is he who is behind the Ghost Murders, as he has been using tetrodotoxin, the poison found in fugu, to seemingly kill people in the nearby village of Asuka. However, the villagers are actually put in a death-like state, and Yamamoto has been manipulating them to kill his rival businessmen so he can take over their companies. Ben eventually manages to turn Yamamoto's fugu gas against him, poisoning Yamamoto.

Japanese Gameshow Host

A very loud, very oddly dressed Japanese man, who claims that Ben is very famous, and asks him to go on his show. At first, Ben is reluctant, but after being harrassed a second time, agrees. What Ben doesn't know, is that the show is actually a crazy Japanese game show. He is asked several trivia questions while being suspended over a vat of seemingly boiling water.

The Widow

A Japanese woman living in Asuka, her husband is the most recent 'mysterious death', actually caused by fugu poisoning. She is expecting a priest to arrive to bless her husband's body. Perhaps because of her grief, she does not seem to notice that the 'priest' is actually Ben in disguise, allowing him to get close enough to extract a blood sample from the body. Alice is able to communicate easily with her, as she speaks fluent Japanese.

Unanswered Questions

Spoiler warning:
You may not want to read on if you have not completed the games!

Easy Access

Why is Ben granted such privileged access to the Ghost Murders investigation?

Mary's Message

What exactly did Mary mean when she said that Ben's life wasn't going to get any easier? And why did she say that Ben's friends weren't enough to help him?


  • Excerpts of Percy's theme can be heard twice in this game, once during the main title screen, and again at the police station.
  • A familiar looking man reading the newspaper can be seen sitting in front of Ben and Simon on their plane to Japan.