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Organised by Zooty, this is lots of people going to Creed Malay's house in Sunderland

This event is going to take place over the weekend of bonfire night from the 3rd of November till the 6th of november, currently set to attend are:

SSH, but he's not staying with us, in Davy's house are:
1. Me
2. Davy
3. Scotch
4. Duncan Cross
5. Spleen
6. Chris (maybe)
7. Limpingfish
8. Custard (maybe)
9. AGA
10. Magintz

To be held at the house of Creed malay over the weekend of Bonfire night, a meeting to tide all you eager beavers over till next year. Davy has very limited space at his house, so its first come first served basis, there is roughly enough room for 6 guests as well as hosts. Conditions will be cramped but also dry. There will be outings to a fireworks night close by and many frolicks in the candyland of the North.

The rules of bonfireittens are -

    #The first rule of bonfirittens is - it will be cramped.
#The second rule of bonfirittens is - seriously, it will be cramped.
#The third rule of bonfirittens is - we have a cat.