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Bonfirittens was a small, informal, AGS gathering, hosted at the home of Creed Malay, in Sunderland, England, from Friday November 03 to Monday November 06 2006. As the same suggests, it was aimed to be centred around Bonfire Night. However, nothing much happened with regards to Bonfire Night celebrations, but an enjoyable weekend was had by all. The attendees were Creed Malay (host), Steve (Creed's house-mate), CJ, Zoot(y), AGA, spleen, and SSH.

The rules of Bonfirittens are -

  1. The first rule of Bonfirittens is - it will be cramped.
  2. The second rule of Bonfirittens is - seriously, it will be cramped.
  3. The third rule of Bonfirittens is - we have a cat.