Cedric and the Revolution

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Cedric and the Revolution is a short AGS adventure game made by Austrian gamemaker Bernhard Politsch (Who is known for his platformer game "A Game With a Kitty").

The game is made in size of 1.7 MB.


Cedric, a short elf, wants to be a blacksmith apprentice. However, Victor the blacksmith can't hire him because the king imposed heavy taxes on everybody, so the two of them gather the townspeople to begin a demonstration.


  • Adventure Europe – received 81% rating.
  • Freegame.cz – reviewed by received 80% rating.
  • Reloaded.org – reviewed by Frodo and received 4.3/5 rating

Awards and nominations

  • Best Game - Nominated
  • Best Puzzles - Won
  • Best Player Character - Nominated
  • Best Background Art - Nominated
  • Best Character Art - Nominated
  • Best Short Game - Won
AGS Awards for Cedric and the Revolution
Apprentice 2 Best Puzzles

in the year 2005

Succeeded by

Duty and Beyond

Inaugural Best Short Game

in the year 2005

Succeeded by