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* [http://imdb.com/title/tt0081693/ L'Uomo puma (Pumaman)] at [http://www.imdb.com/ The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)]
* [http://imdb.com/title/tt0081693/ L'Uomo puma (Pumaman)] at [http://www.imdb.com/ The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)]
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[[Category:AGS people]][[Category: AGS Religion]]

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Christopher Quentin Jones is the creator of Adventure Game Studio. Thought of as a god by certain members of the AGS community, he has allegedly gained a somewhat cultlike following.

Chris Jones goes by many names. Most commonly referred to as CJ (Sea-Jay), he also goes by the alias Pumaman on the AGS Forums, based on the main character of a cult low-budget superhero film from the '80s. In the past, he used to go under the name DOSUser, when he used to be an evangelist and a programmer of MS-DOS.

During his DOSUser years, he created many applications for MS-DOS, including the RoomMake for Adventure Creator and RoomEdit for earlier versions of Adventure Game Studio.

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