Cirque de Zale

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Cirque de Zale is a AGS adventure/comedy game made by Australian Gamemaker Rebecca "Kinoko" Clements in 2004.

The game is made in size of 3.1 MB.


Alexander Zale is miserable man who makes his living in a circus by taking care of elephants and shoveling their dung. Fed up with the magician's insults, he fills his hat with elephant dung. The magician takes his revenge by casting a spell that sends Zale to an unknown dimension ruled by a card king. Zale decides never to go back and begins an adventure to start his own circus.


  • – reviewed by Dimitris Manos and received B+ rating.
  • Adventure Europe – received 85% rating.
  • – reviewed by Artman and received 84% rating.
  • – reviewed by Wendy Maree and received 4.4/5 rating
  • GameHippo – received 7/10 rating.

Awards and nominations

The game was nominated to 6 categories in AGS Awards 2004 but didn’t win:

  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Dialogue writing
  • Best Puzzles
  • Best Best Player Character (Alexander Zale)
  • Best Animation
  • Best Story