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Monthly-ish competition to write an open-source script with the rules set by the previous winner and the winners chosen by a vote. In the C&A forum competition purge, this competition has been officially closed for the time being. It had pretty much ground to a halt, anyway, but did come up with some good stuff while it was going.

There is a theme set, and the standard rules are:

  1. Must be open-source. We can hardly inspect your coding if we can't see it.
  2. Must contain instructions for how to add to an existing game, this will obviously be easier if the scripting is done as a module
  3. Only use of the 3D, TCP/IP and maths plugins are allowed: if you want to use another, say quickly before we finalise the rules. Certainly, no NEW plugins are allowed, this is AGS scripting we're competing at
  4. Must provide sample game using the fight engine (obviously!)
  5. Team efforts are allowed, and you're probably expected to get help for sprites, etc from elsewhere.
  6. As far as possible, entries will be judged on their scripting and gameplay rather than GFX, SFX, music, etc.
  7. Winner will be decided by 1 week of voting at the end.


  1. Fight game - won by Babar
  2. Trading system - won by Ashen
  3. Custom inventory - won by buloght
  4. Environmental effects - won by Akumayo
  5. Classic Arcade game - won by Rocco
  6. Turn-based game - won by Ashen
  7. Keyboard control - won by Steve McCrea
  8. Particle systems - won by Akumayo
  9. Real-time battle - no entries
  10. Pull-down menus - "won" by Steve McCrea
  11. Megademo - won by Akumayo
  12. Grid-Based Inventory - won by Besh


Fight game

Canyon Runner
by Babar
Ahmet's Fight Game
by CoolBlue-Gord10, this was already around but the game met the rules and so was entered.
Roger fight game
by SSH
Alien attack
by Zor

Trading system

by Akumayo
Quest for Blue Cup
by Ashen. Ashens Trade Engine Thing (Source)

Custom inventory

Backpack inventory
by SSH
Weird Techno Futuristic Inventory GUI
by Akumayo. Plain inventory & GUI script
Two character inventory
by buloght

Environmental effect

Weather module
by Akumayo
Simple Rain module
by SSH

Classic Arcade game

Classic compendium
by Akumayo
by colxfile

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AGS Invaders]
by Rocco

Turn-based battle

Rovendale Tactics RPG
by Endrews
Turn based battle
by Akumayo
Turn-based fight engine thing template
by Ashen

Keyboard Control

Key control template
by KhrisMUC
Key interaction
by Steve McCrea
Keyboard module
by Akumayo

Particle system

Particle Module
by dkh
Particle Engine
by Akumayo

Real-time battle

No entries...

Pull-down menus

Pull Down Menus
by Steve McCrea


Akumayo's MegaDemo
by Akumayo
Fractal Dream
by charliechuck

Grid-based inventory

[ Grid-based Inventory]
by Besh

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