Cosmos Quest

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Cosmos Quest is a 3D AGS science fiction game series that was inspired by Space Quest series. Three games have been released and the forth was released as a demo. It was made by Bulgarian gamemaker Ilia Kinanev; and it is available in English, Spanish and Bulgarian.


The game is set in the distant future, the story begins after a war two giant unions on earth over the exhausted sources. Professor David Rhomul set a project named "Noah" to find a second home for the human race.

After decades of hard work and enduring the hardships, both social ad political, they managed to send the first crew of 300 people to go outside the solar system. After hardships and rebellions they entered the yellow fog galaxy, and found a inhabitable home and began a new race, the Rhomulian.

To Find a Sun 1

The Rhomulian sun is slowly dying because of a black hole. Apo Lanski, an engineer in a crew that observes the temperature of the sun, notices a problem in his shuttle and lands quickly on a small planet called Zhena. Once he escaped, he discovers a tracking device in the shuttle and is ordered to land in any place away and find Sergeant Getz to remove it but in the following events he finds himself abducted.

The game lies in the size of 16.9 MB.

To Find a Sun 2

After his return from the first adventure, Apo Lanski is assigned to join the team in Pitla to search for a new inhabitable home, though problems face him throughout his journey.

The game lies in the size of 79.9 MB.

The Mines of Isagor

Sergeant Henry Getz return from his vacation, while Apo Lanski was absent on his mission, unaware that the Radion station was attacked by the Ayatolians. One of the crew, Nia, managed to inform him that they were captured and sent to work in the mines of planet Isagor, so he goes there to rescue them.

The game lies in the size of 57 MB.

The Ayatolian March

Following the previous events, Nia, who has been jailed in Radion staion, decides to breakout and uncover the mystery behind the insanity that overwhelmed the station.

Only a demo has been released so far. The game lies in the size of 26 MB.


The games have been reviewed by Frodo in Abandonia Reloaded, and received ratings of 4.2, 3.5 and 4.3 respectively.


From the series, only the third story (Mines of Isagor), was nominated to the AGS Awards in 2009, on two Awards but didn’t win in both, on Best Tutorial or Documentation, and Best Voice work