Da New Guys

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Da New Guys is a comedy AGS game made in 2004 by Chris "IceMan" Burton


Three British wrestlers, Simon, The Defender and Brain, who went from London to the US to mark their names in the world of professional wrestling as a team known as Da New Guys

Despite their efforts, the team is facing dissolving (mainly by Brain's many losses), and their home is about to be repossessed. So they make their plan to save the team and try to find out what manager O'Sullivan hiding.

The game lies in the size of 30.7 MB. It is divided into four chapters, and provided with a voice pack. It has two different endings, depending on the battle of Brain with Smiley Joe.



For The Winning

In a two-part video published on Youtube, the team stumble upon a winning lottery ticket, but the conversation was overheard by a David Mayhem, and they begin a cat and mouse game to get the ticket back.

The Day of The Jackass

Brain wins the title belt for the first time, but the other wrestlers try to challenge him.


The game was nomitated to four categories in AGS Awards 2005 but didn't win:

  • Best Dialogue Writing
  • Best Player Character
  • Best Non-Player Character (Smiley Joe)
  • Best Demo (The Day of The Jackass)