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* [http://interactingarts.org/thezone/ Game website].  
* [http://interactingarts.org/thezone/ Game website].  

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Force majeure II: The Zone
AuthorLeo Nordwall
Voiced byGabriel Widing
Leo Nordwall
Veronica Trickett
Additional CreditsVideo footage:
Leo Nordwall
Gabriel Widing
Andie Nordgren
Release date2005

Force majeure II: The Zone is a media-intensive commercial game by Leo Nordwall, released both online and as part of a book series on storytelling.


You play as the sole survivor of an unknown catastrophe, trapped in an air-raid shelter. Escaping your confinement, you face a delusional reality known only as the Zone – a place where your own mind is your enemy. The city is in ruins: you must explore a dreamy landscape through the eyes of a lone wanderer trying to piece together fragments of the past.

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