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Force majeure II: The Zone
AuthorLeo Nordwall
Voiced byGabriel Widing
Leo Nordwall
Veronica Trickett
Additional CreditsVideo footage:
Leo Nordwall
Gabriel Widing
Andie Nordgren
Release date2005

Force majeure II: The Zone is a media-intensive commercial game by Leo Nordwall, released both online and as part of a book series on storytelling.


You play as the sole survivor of an unknown catastrophe, trapped in an air-raid shelter. Escaping your confinement, you face a delusional reality known only as the Zone – a place where your own mind is your enemy. The city is in ruins: you must explore a dreamy landscape through the eyes of a lone wanderer trying to piece together fragments of the past.


Force majeure II: The Zone is an audio-visual interactive story/adventure game by Leo Nordwall set in a ruined city where everything seems uncertain. The Zone is experienced from a first-person perspective and is navigated by pointing-and-clicking. Photos, drawings, 3D renderings and live video footage have been integrated into a unique visual experience. The soundtrack is over 70 minutes long and features new tracks in the tradition of electro-acoustic music, ambient and electronica.

While there are plenty of interactive works and games that entertain by providing puzzle solving, action and slapstick humour, the Zone is all about exploring the unknown territories of the mind. If you feel that issues such as philosophy, poetry, metaphysics and art is your cup of tea, the story might interest you. If not, the irreal meanderings of the Zone is best left alone.

Force majeure: The Zone is produced by Leo Nordwall in cooperation with Interacting Arts and Fabel Förlag.

Price: $17

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