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Herculean Effort Productions (often abbreviated to HEP) is an adventure game development duo in the USA, founded by brothers Ian and Greg Schlaepfer (Big Brother and Geoffkhan, respectively). Of the two, Ian Schlaepfer is primarily responsible for the graphics and storyline and Gerg for music and AGS scripting.

Their games are considered to be of very high quality for amateur efforts, and their releases Apprentice and Apprentice II: The Knight's Move have won numerous amateur adventure game awards, each getting 14 nominations in the AGS Awards, as many as any game has ever had and they have won 12 AGS Awards, including Apprentice II winning 7 awards, the most of any game. Herculean Effort draws their inspiration from the classic LucasArts adventure games. Their name humorously refers to the difficulty of creating adventure games, their motto being "it's not easy being the best".

The Games


Main article of the game Apprentice.

Apprentice 2: The Knight's Move

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, Herculean Effort decided to finish the sequel to Apprentice before completing The Find, which had been their main priority. The plot of Apprentice 2 continues from where the dream sequence of Apprentice ended.

Apprentice 3: Checkmate!

The Apprentice games are planned to be released as a trilogy. Not much is yet known of the last episode at this moment, and the team's focus is currently on Super Jazz Man. The release estimates have shifted greatly over time. At the moment the team's opinion is that it will be finished after Super Jazz Man.

The Find

Some information on this apparently discontinued game can be found at the old HEP website.

Super Jazz Man

It was announced at Adventure Europe's 2005 Online Conference. The team's focus has shifted from the Find to Super Jazz Man. The game was released at the end of 2006 and is for sale at their website.

The Sphinx Project

Ian is making contributions, including an art style guide, to The Sphinx Project, an open-source

The Blackwell Legacy

Ian announced on the HEP news section that he will be doing the sprite art for The Blackwell Legacy, the new name for Bestowers of Eternity.

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