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AGS forums profile

Trent Robertson is an 18 year old kid from Utah who enjoys playing and creating games. Also know as LaBoheme (the Bohemian) and Sirus Squire, he has been a fan of the adventure genre from a very young age, starting with Hugo's House of Horrors (I think). His website La Boheme Productions is currently under construction.

Games in Production

Hero of the Rune - An adventure/rpg hybrid similar to the Quest For Glory series.
Rune2-5 - Working titles of the next 4 games in the Hero of the Rune series.
Fight Pit - Working title of a gladiator fighting game, meant to the feature the battle system of Hero of the Rune.
Ælemental - Short puzzle oriented game featuring several forms of vision. Idea only.
Devil High - 'During a school pep rally, zombies start emerging from the tunnels underneath the school.' In this game, you control 3 different characters to bring down a demon-summoning cult. Features cinematic techniques.