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LimpingFish aka FishWithBicycle is an aquatic being found in waters off the eastern coast of the Emerald Isle.

LimpingFish joined AGS Forums in 2002, but perished in the great cull of Inactive AGS Member Accounts.

Reborn from the depths of The Sea Of Meh, he rejoined the forums in 2004. He loiters around on #AGS, speaking out of turn, and whispering vague treats under his breath.

Approach with caution... or not at all.

Created the game Heartland for the 4th OROW (One Room One Week) competition. It won Best Writing (yay!).

He later expanded and added to it, releasing Heartland Deluxe: A Wound Vignette in November of 2006.

In December 2007 he released the second part of the Wound trilogy, Unbound.

He is currently (October 2008) working on the third Wound Vignette titled "Mobius". At the moment the game's name is the only information that has been published about the project.

LimpingFish attended Brittens 2007.

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