Welcome to the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Wiki. This wiki will mainly serve for AGS technical support, but may also show articles relating to all things AGS.

Getting Started With AGS

About AGS - An Introduction to AGS

Installing AGS - Getting AGS set up on your computer.

AGS manual online - The AGS help file, online

Beginner Tutorials

Start here if you have never used AGS before.

The Beginners' FAQ answers some of the more common questions new users ask.

Intermediate Tutorials

Tutorials explaining some of the more advanced features required to make an AGS game.

Advanced Tutorials

Articles on more difficult scripting and technical topics.

Design Resources

Tools, Game templates, Paint programs, Script Modules, Plugins, etc. to help you get started right away.

New to Wikis?

A guide to adding new articles.
A guide to formatting your articles.
A complete guide to using wikis.
A general set of rules about creating articles in this wiki can be found here.

Adventure Game Design

A large part of AGS game making is not done in AGS, located here will be articles on creating artwork, music, game designs and more.

AGS Community

Articles on the AGS community can be found here.

Jump directly to an overview of all active AGS Communities.

AGS History

Articles on AGS's History can be found here. Some of the external links might not be active anymore.