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Welcome to the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Wiki. Our aim is to collect a wide range of useful resources to help in developing your game, engaging with the community or read up on the more historical aspects of the software and its community.

Getting Started With AGS


AGS is an incredibly powerful program to try and wrap your head around. These tutorials will help you get on your way.

Design Resources

Tools, Game templates, Paint programs, Script Modules, Plugins, etc. to help you get started right away.

Adventure Game Design

Here you can find articles on creating artwork, music, game designs and more. These aren't tutorials as such, but address design considerations for building your game.

AGS Community

Articles on the AGS community can be found here. If you want to help out with things yourself, take a look at opportunities here!

Or jump directly to an overview of all active AGS Communities.

AGS History

Articles on AGS's History can be found here. Some of the external links might not be active anymore.

AGS Games

Articles about games made with AGS. This area hasn't been actively updated for a while and is therefore far from complete. The AGS Games database would be the more up-to-date place to go to instead.