Mind's Eye

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The Mind's Eye is an AGS game by ProgZMax.

The Story

Mind's Eye is a study in the fragile nature of the human psyche. The player assumes the role of Noah, a battered, aging mental patient with no memory of his past and no hope for a future. While being questioned by the brilliant Dr. Knox, Noah seems to suffer 'another' psychotic break and attempts to kill Knox. Injected with a mysterious drug that among other things gives him glimpses into lost memories, Noah is determined to find out who he is and why he was institutionalized.


1. Delirium Mode, a state in which reality warps around Noah to give glimpses into his past.

2. The Redemption Meter, an eye on the GUI that keeps the memories you have found as well as hints on what to do next.

3. Two unique endings depending on how much you uncover.

4. A dark story with a protagonist that the player cannot trust.


Mind's Eye was originally conceived as a Halloween 'scare' game; as you play through it you will find MANY references to the author's favorite films, not limited to but including: John Carpenter's The Thing, Child's Play, and Re-Animator. As the game developed, however, it took a turn away from horror and into a mystery thriller, with a beleaguered protagonist who comes off innocent- and at times- dangerous.

Included in the backdrop are references to historical figures, such as Burke and Hare, the infamous duo who procured fresh corpses- often killed by Burke and Hare themselves- for Dr. Knox, an eminent professor in the field of anatomical study at the university of Edinburgh, who some argue to this day was aware of the murders and ignored them for his personal benefit. A similarity to this in the game is how Dr. Knox ignores Child's battering of patients because he can handle Noah.

The ending of Mind's Eye leaves the story open for a possible sequel.