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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Lens Flare]]
* [[Lens flare]]
[[Category:AGS Dictionary]]
[[Category:AGS Dictionary]]

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A Newbie is someone new to the AGS Forums, often following a cycle similar to this:

  1. Posts everywhere, breaking forum rules left right and centre
  2. Gets told off by all and sundry
  3. Eventually departs, or gets around to reading the forum rules and then...
  4. ...Behaves like they were a moderator, telling other people off for minor forum rules breaches
  5. Gets told off again
  6. Departs or finally settles down and becomes a valued community member

Some use the terminology n00b to refer to a newbie who is a pain in the neck, while newbie is reserved for those who turn up on the forums and nearly straight away make a valuable contribution. The latter are usually those who have been lurking for a while.

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