Night of the Hermit

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Night of the Hermit is a fanfic AGS adventure game made by Roy Lazarovich in 2000. It stars Herman Toothrot from Monkey Island.

The game is made in size of 4.5 MB. It had 10 Easter eggs. Another version has a speech pack and size of 79.50 MB.


Herman Toothrot was sitting in Monkey Island when he received a message in a bottle informs him that his grandfather granted him the right to inherit his mansion in Badger Island.

Herman went there to find that the mansion is turned a motel named the Crippled Badger motel, and he must reclaim what is rightfully his.

Awards and nominations

  • Best Game - Nominated
  • Best Sound Effects - Won
  • Best Room Art - Nominated
AGS Awards for Night of the Hermit
Inaugural Best Player Character (Larry)

in the year 2001

Succeeded by

Calsoon 2