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AGS forums profile

Obi-Leo, or Leo Wichtowski for short, has been a member of the AGS community for a while now. He's not a frequent poster but has been known to visit the AGS IRC channel once in a while. He has worked on games such as Pennis and Lifeboat: Story of Cedrick (The Directors Ultimate Super Cut Edition).

An insane englishman of polish heritage. Obi, as he is also called, is also the writer, actor, director and producer of various short films such as Obiana Jones(to be featured on shortly) and Plan to kill for no apparent reason.

Also known for his most excellent Radio DJing for the now dead AGSradio. He has also worked on the AGS cult hit Are we there yet? which spawned a fan sequel and various other games. Recently Obi has worked on the noble game Ryan's Day Out which gives an important message about the logic of puzzles within graphic adventure games. Obi is currently working on the game The adventures of Moses which will chronicle the adventure of Moses life and his battles to abolish slavery. It is unknown why Obi has an obsession with Moses and his religious beliefs are open to debate, but he once called himself "Moses but with more lights on".