Permanent Daylight

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Permanent Daylight is a short adventure AGS game made in 2001 by Linus "2ma2" Larsson. It is one of the earliest AGS Awards winners


Dieter Kartoffelbrei is a lazy man who lives in a cold snowy planet. He is visited by an invisible entity who claims that he was once a welsh scientist. The entity gives him a task of stopping a mad scientist named Dr. Really Really Evil Ed from inventing a machine making this planet tide-locked, burning one side and freezing the other.


  • It was reviewed by DeathDude on Abandonia Reloaded and received a rating of 4.2/5 points.

Awards and nominations

  • Best Game - Nominated
  • Best Story - Nominated
  • Best Room Art - Nominated
  • Best Character Art - Won
  • Best Animation - - Nominated
AGS Awards for Permanent Daylight
Inaugural Best Character Art

in the year 2001

Succeeded by

Norman Cooks in Search for the Don