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* [http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/ FullyRamblomatic.com] - Ben Croshaw's pseudo-blog site
* [http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/ FullyRamblomatic.com] - Ben Croshaw's pseudo-blog site

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Rob Blanc
Rob Blanc.gif
AuthorBen Croshaw
Programmed byEdmundo Ruiz
Windows Port
Bug Fixes
Music byMark Lovegrove
Intro Music
Release date2000
LengthShort to Medium-Length

Rob Blanc is a trilogy of AGS games created by Ben Croshaw. Rob Blanc I, the first game in the series, is usually considered the first killer app for Adventure Game Studio.


Better Days of a Defender of the Universe

In Better Days of a Defender of the Universe you play Rob Blanc, a chip shop worker from England who has been selected from millions of bored but adventurous people to become an intergalactic hero. The High Ones, dwellers of the Higher Plain and auditors of all the known universe, have decided that the Evil in the galaxy has become too great, and they need a way to vanquish the hordes of Darkness. So they chose Rob as the most suitable candidate from the only neutral planet in the universe, Earth.

In the first chapter, Rob must prove his worth by working out what happened to the Reman flagship Luminous which disappeared from radar a short time ago. Guide him through the deserted vessel and discover exactly what a horrible place the universe really is.

Rob Blanc II

Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence

In this second chapter of the series, Rob is very nearly the Defender of the Universe, but the High Ones insist on him going for a holiday on Earth before he leaves (they haven't built the ship yet). However, during his stay Rob gets stuck in a lift with an enigmatic teenager, and that's where you come in... get the hell out of that lift, and try not to be too surprised when you do!

The Temporal Terrorists

In Rob Blanc III, the universe is threatened by temporal phenomena that threaten to unravel the entire space-time continuum. It's up to you to become Rob Blanc (and, in parts, his sidekick) and save your interstellar homeland from The Temporal Terrorists.


  • In Rob Blanc I, and appearing in Rob Blanc III, there is an alien race called the Remans. The two founders of ancient Rome were Romulus and Remus. Star Trek already has the Romulans, so...
  • Rob Blanc's ship is called the Endeavour - this is mentioned in the RB3 demo. This was the name of Captain Cook's vessel. This is, however, coincidence. I named the ship the Endeavour because 'Endeavour' is another word for 'Enterprise' - the name of a certain other famous starship.
  • Examine the bottom shelf in the shop in RB2, and you'll find a reference to Space Quest 2.
  • There are no less than three references to that bottomless franchise Pokemon in the Rob Blanc series so far - two in RB3 and one in RB2. In RB3, in one of the intro screens, the president of the galaxy invites his colleagues to swap Pokemon cards. Later on, if you drill a hole in a door in the engine decks and look through it, you will be given a description of a Space Varmint - yellow, about a foot long and with two spike-like ears sticking out from the head at irregular angles. Sound familiar?
  • The reference in RB2 is a little more obscure. Under interrogation, Paul admits to being from Begurath 3. More specifically, a city called Aquafortis City. In the Pokemon universe all cities are named after obscure colours, hence Vermilion and Saffron City. Aquafortis is a shade of pale blue.
  • On a poster in RB3 a picture of the hero from my first adventure games, Arthur Yahtzee, is visible.
  • At the end of the RB3 demo, if you operate the dumpster before doing anything else to it you will get a standard 'I can't see anything interesting' message. If you examine it before operating it the message is different, and mildly amusing.

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