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* [http://new.bigbluecup.com/yabb/index.php?topic=29516.0 Super Jazz Man on the AGS forums]
* [http://new.bigbluecup.com/yabb/index.php?topic=29516.0 Super Jazz Man on the AGS forums]

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This game puts you in the unitard and cape of a musical superhero who waits tables at the Zanzibar restaurant under the cover of night. After playing a weekend concert that revolutionizes the local airwaves, our saxophonist receives a phone call at work.

Super Jazz Man explores the fundamental elements of an adventure, unfolding locations with the progression of the narrative while featuring nostalgic low-color graphics. Play through four unique endings!

For roughly the price of a martini in Manhattan, you can play it today!

Price: $8.95

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