Sydney Finds Employment

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Sydney Finds Employment is a AGS adventure game made by Ivan "STVAN" Dixon in 2006.

The game is made in size of 11 MB. It was followed by a sequel named Sydney Treads the Catwalk.


Sydney Claywood is a homeless bum who lives in a box in some alley. One day the city issues "the final solution" to end homelessness and unemployment. Fearful for his lifestyle (and life), Sydney must see the corporate manager to stop this plan.


  • – reviewed by Marrak received 73% rating.
  • – reviewed by DeathDude and received 4.4/5 rating.

Awards and nominations

The game was nominatted in three categories in AGS Awards 2006 but didn't win:

  • Best Player Character (Sydney)
  • Best Character Art
  • Best Animation -