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'''Akatosh''' is a fairly young and crazy german lad, who devoted his life to making adventure games (lots o' them).<br>
His most renowed work is [[_Access]], which won the 2007 [[AGS Awards|AGS Award]] for Best Innovation and is a nice example of skillfull scripting.<br>
[[Image:megoguy.PNG|left|thumb|64px|MGS guy]] Not happy with that, he published a multitude of games, many of them leaving the player with a quizzical look on his/her face, whatever that means.<br>
Textbook example of this kind of "things" is "Me Go Store", a dadaistic game which employed spartan graphics and prickly humor.
In the first chapter of "Me go..." you engage a store in a word fight, eventually winning.
He visits regularly the [[AGS Stickam Room]].<br>
==External links==
* [http://mgng.livejournal.com/ Me go New Game, his seldom updated dev blog.]
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