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A screenshot of Trilby's Notes.

Trilby's Notes is the third game in Ben Yahtzee Croshaw's popular free amateur adventure game trilogy. It stands as a true sequel to the events of his first game, 5 Days a Stranger, and a prequel to the events of the second game, 7 Days a Skeptic. There is one final game planned in the series.

The story follows gentleman thief Trilby to an isolated Welsh hotel, seeking the idol which wreaked supernatural havoc in the first game. Believing that there is more to the story of Defoe Manor than he had previously thought, Trilby wishes to destroy the idol once and for all -but is suddenly caught up in a series of strange and gruesome events at the hotel that cause Trilby to start shifting randomly between two parallel worlds.


Trilby's Notes is superficially similar to Croshaw's previous efforts, but instead of the previous games' point-and-click interfaces it instead relies on a text parser and keyboard directional control, in the style of early Sierra Entertainment games such as Police Quest and Quest for Glory.

Like the two previous entries in the series, Trilby's Notes is available for free download from Croshaw's website, while an extended special edition with bonus features and extras such as author commentary has been made available for a small fee.

Croshaw has stated that the game was intended as both a form of continued high-level experimentation with the AGS engine and a complete product within itself. Trilby's Notes is the most graphically violent of the three games, an effect achieved with an extremely modest pixel-palette. Croshaw said of his main character's rather basic graphical representation: "TN Trilby is not shaded at all because he was drawn after the GFW period when I realised that most people didn't give a toss and just wanted a fun game."

There is a special edition for 5$ available.

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