7 Days a Skeptic

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7 Days a Skeptic
AuthorBen "Yahtzee" Croshaw
Sound Effects byHalf-Life by Valve
Testing byManu Cardoen, Helmacron, Kevin Squires, Sarah Wright
Release dateJuly 22, 2004
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7 Days a Skeptic is a freeware amateur adventure game created by Ben Yahtzee Croshaw. It is the sequel to the popular adventure game 5 Days a Stranger. The game takes place nearly four-hundred years in the future, by which time mankind has begun to further explore the universe, and chronicles the story of a veteran psychiatrist, Dr. Jonathan Somerset, and five others as they face the same mysterious entity that haunted the protagonists of the first game. 7 Days a Skeptic draws several parallels with its predecessor, using elements such as dream sequences between each day as well as using similar plot revelations.

The game was created in 2004 with the AGS game engine. Two other games, including Trilby's Notes and Six Days a Sacrifice, exist as an interquel between 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic, acting as an extension of the former and playing on ideas introduced in the latter.

There is a special edition for $5 available.

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Best Non-Player Character - John "Welder" DeFoe

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