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Grundislav has done a series of audio interviews with various members of the AGS community.

Since Grundislav's own interview, the AGS Audio Interviews have transformed into the AGS PodQuest, in which Zooty has joined Grundislav as a co-host and interviews with AGS community members are now contained inside a news and discussion format. They are now a spontaneous random event rather than regular.

The AGS Audio Interviews:

  1. Disco (2.66 MB)
  2. Pesty (6.83 MB)
  3. LGM and Becky (8.20 MB)
  4. Tiki and custard (8.58 MB)
  5. Gord10 and Edmundo (netmonkey) (7.69 MB)
  6. Andail and Chicky (10.72 MB)
  7. Petteri and Zooty (11.57 MB)
  8. Pablo and DanClarke (8.69 MB)
  9. SSH (9.68 MB)
  10. Special Mystery 10th Edition Guest ;) (6.29 MB)
  11. Vel (5.79 MB)
  12. Grundislav Interviewed by Zooty and Disco
  13. PodQuest 1 (14.65 MB) Including an interview with MillsJROSS
  14. PodQuest 2 The AGS Awards and FOREGO Nomination announcements with SSH (offline - available here)
  15. PodQuest 3 (26.77 MB) - "The Family Treasure" review, a chat about interfaces, and an interview with ProgZmax
  16. Scotch - "Tomb of the Moon" review and an interview with Scotch
  17. Guantes, Farl, Lore, Davy Malay (14.67 MB) - Special Edition "Valentines Day" Edition, Romance in Adventure Games, Interview with Creed Malay
  18. Lapaset (5.95 MB) Special Lapaset edition, without any Grund or Zoot
  19. Podquest 19 (14.05 MB)- Nudity in Adventure Games, "Buna Wants Beer" review and Interview with SSH
  20. Podquest 20 (8.24 MB) - "This is the Last Podquest Ever!", featuring Becky.
  21. Podquest 21 - They're Back! But not regulary though... Mittens & Brittens 2006, Interview with Dave Gilbert,
  22. Podquest 22 - Special Edition "Talk Like a Pirate Day" Edition, Arrgh!
  23. Podquest 23 - "Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!" review, "A Man of African Descent Seeks Revenge" review

There is also a Special Edition Audio Interview, in which MrColossal and Pesty discussed Pluto Trail.

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