Alien Rape Escape

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Alien Rape Escape
AuthorAGA, Scotch
Designed byAGA, Scotch, Alky
Sprites byScotch, Alky
Backgrounds byScotch
Programmed byAGA
Music byUnknown
Testing byCommaToes & OneThinkingGal
Additional CreditsGUI outlines by Rodekill OneThinkingGal
Release date12 June 2003
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In this game, the player assumes the role of Alotta Aynoos, a young woman clad in nothing but lacy underwear, who decides to make a name for herself as an actress. Unfortunately for poor Alotta, she is tricked by a diminutive director who is in fact planning to use her in a pornographic film involving a very well-endowed alien. Alotta runs away and locks herself in a dressing room, with nothing but escape on her mind. At this point it is easy to see where the game got its title.