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Beyond Reality - Walkthrough

- Get empty pill bottle; - go to left; - get note and hook; - go to right twice, then upstairs; - get fishing rod; - use hook with fishing rod; - use fishing rod and hook with attic door; - get sleeping pills; - go to window; - use sleeping pills with large drop; - watch scene; - look at distant star; - use stairway; - go to buildings; - enter toy shop; - ask for free items to get a snake; - go to house right of screen; - get red chilli and laxative pills; - go to kid's corner; - use chilli with red paint; - use red paint you get with snake; - go to moutain top, till next giant bird; - use snake fill with paint with bird; - use laxative pills with bird; - watch scene; - go down, then to cliff edge; - talk about everything with painter; to get rope; - go to dreamland (path to right); - go to village; - enter toy shop; - ask for free items to get insoles; - get out; - go right twice; - use insoles on led melter; - go left; - get pillow; - go up, then left; - use rose to get larvae; - go right; - enter tent; - talk to first guy; - use insoles on blue shoes; - use larvae on red sack; - talk to first guy again (tell him you're ready); - watch scene; - get out; - enter pub; - talk to drunk about everything; - buy barrel of beer; - use beer on drunk guy; - watch scene; - now (besides matches, pillow and money), you must carry feather, string and note; - go to volcano; - talk to guard; - go up; - use rope with feather (or vice versa); - use tickly rope with ridiculous drop; - watch scene; - fine occasion to save your game; - go left, to ??? - now follow the note: up, down, right. left; so, go one screen up; one down; one right, and one left (you may have to perform it several times till you get it right); - watch scene; - you start at a room, without GUI; don't worry, just go left and enter second door up to find Mort; - watch scene; - now your GUI is on again; - go up second door; - get petrol; - go left twice; - get fire extinguisher; - use string with fire extinguisher; - use petrol can with contraption; - use flammable contraption with hook; - use matches with flammable contraption; - watch scene.

The End

Bugs: - if you use the petrol with the string before you use this one with the fire extinguisher, you won't be able to finish the game; - you can pick up two fire extinguishers.

Well, hope you enjoy playing this game. You may use and distribute this walkthru freely, please just don't delete my nick, ok? :-)