BlueCup on the Run walkthrough

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Pick up the letter that BlueCup left behind. Leave the room & go west.

Pick up a rock that is on the left side of the sign. Now throw the rock down at the hole. Take the sign. Go back to outside Chris's house and then north-west.

Use the sign on the river, and walk over.

Enter the first door, C_Leksutin's house. Go back out and inside the second door. Talk to AGA.

Go back to C_Leksutin's house. Search the sofa.

Return to AGA's house. Give him the dandruff and he'll give you a remote control.

Return to C_Leksutin and give him the remote control. Use the remote control on the TV and you'll gain information.

Go upstairs. Give the guard the letter from BlueCup. Go upstairs and open door 661 - whatever you do, do not open the room 666.