Earl Bobby is looking for his Balls

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Earl Bobby is Looking for his Balls is an AGS adventure game made by Jospin Le Woltaire in 2007. It is the second game in the “Earl Bobby” trilogy. The game is a sequel to “Earl Bobby is looking for his Shoes” and was followed by a sequel “Earl Bobby is looking for a Loo”. The soundtrack is taken from Tchaikovsky music.


Continuing the events in the previous game, Earl Bobby goes to Glenfidditch club to enjoy his favorite hobby, which is golf. However, a bird steals his golf ball, and when he tries to retrieve it, he finds himself in a competition with golf champion Tiger Woody.


  • Freegame.cz: 86%, reviewed by Marrak
  • Hrej.cz: 4/5

Awards and nominations

The game was nominated for eight awards in AGS Awards 2007, but didn’t win any. The categories are:

  • Best playable character (Earl Bobby)
  • Best non-playable character (Lola)
  • Best background art
  • Best character art
  • Best animation
  • Best programming
  • Best sound effects
  • Best documentation