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A flic is basically a movie, a series of images but without (its own) sound.

.FLI supports only one resolution: 320x200 with 256 colors
.FLC supports any resolution up to 1024x768 with 256 colors.

You can use the RAD Video Tools to convert a series of pictures into a flic ("List files...", save list, select .lst file, "Convert a file", "Output type...", ...).

Whether you want to use Flics or AVIs depends on one's need. Unfortunately, it's quite normal that a flic would be large, especially for more "complicated" stuff like photorealistic movies and having dynamic changes, as it uses simple RLE compression. If you lower the frame rate (i.e. use less frames) the file size can be decreased. The quality will depend the converter software you use, some of them might do a good job in colour reduction (using dithering, etc.) so the movie can have better quality, some may not.

On the other hand FLC is good because it's internally supported by AGS, so it:

  1. Works for all ports, including the DOS port.
  2. Doesn't need to call external system components (M$ DirectShow), which can have different problems on different computers (due to different system setups and codecs/drivers/etc. installed).

If you're concerned about the size and quality of the movies you can use AVI or MPEG instead. Look for the PlayVideo and related functions in the manual. The bad thing about AVIs is that you must ensure the players have the appropriate codecs installed. MPEG1 should be a safe format for compatibility, size and quality. Unfortunately, if your game uses PlayVideo(), the videos will only work with the Windows engine.

Programs that can output Flics