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Indiana Jones and the Passage of Saints walkthrough by Mark L


1. Use any dialog options to progress and leave the office


2. Head to the far left of the forest, visit the cliff & take note of the position of the pillars submerged in the water

3. Return to the forest and push the Golden Tail on the bull

4. Go back to the beach and push/pull the rocks into the same positions as the submerged pillars


5. On hearing a cranking sound, return to the bull and look at the dirt

6. Pick-up the dirt, you get a treasure chest

7. Talk to Indy about the treasure chest

8. Return to the forest and push the pillar to reveal a key

9. Return to Indy and talk to him, he will get up and follow you

10. Attempt to push the pillar again, then talk to Indy


11. Look at the markings on the wall near where Lando falls

12. Use the combination on the Pedestal to reveal the ending sequence

The end

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